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Examining the options for responding to the acute climate and environmental concerns of our day, as well as to the much anticipated need for order-of-magnitude increases in electrical power production from more localized and lower carbon-footprint sources – manufacturers, consumers and investors are asking…

What if the world had a truly new age engine – smaller, lighter, more powerful, more efficient and cleaner than any engine to date, fully scalable, capable of producing lower carbon-footprint power, and producible in high volumes at low cost?

Lumenium proudly introduces its

New Age IDAR (Inverse Displacement Asymmetrical Rotational) Engine

  • A critical element on the path to a realistic net zero carbon future
  • The ideal power source for hybrid electric power systems
  • A key component of localized, smaller-scale primary power generation to bolster the power grid as electrification demands grow exponentially
  • Adaptable to newly developing carbon-neutral fuels AND hydrogen combustion

IDAR’s architecture derives from a patented interaction of convex and concave shapes. Neither piston nor rotary based, Lumenium’s advanced technology IDAR Engine is simple, durable and cost-effective to manufacture, and signals a transformation in engine technology that is ripe for accelerated implementation in a climate-challenged world.

The IDAR Engine produces work performance at a power density well beyond that of existing engines in a dramatically smaller, lighter and more efficient package.

IDAR’s heightened power density would allow a 20 kilowatt generator to look like a suitcase rather than a storage locker…

…and a 125 KW generator to look like a small kitchen cabinet.

IDAR fully burns all injected fuel with low temperature combustion that naturally reduces harmful emissions – especially NOx in compression ignition diesel engines – and minimizes complex and costly after-treatment systems.

Lumenium’s advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling shows the IDAR Engine to be highly adaptable to clean and carbon-neutral fuels, including hydrogen.

IDAR is ideally suited – by size, shape, power density and cost – to hybrid electric platforms and planned multi-source power generation systems.

IDAR can be scaled dimensionally by diameter or width in a single power module of varying displacements…

Or by stacking power module “slices” to create an engine family of varying displacements, simplifying maintenance, spare parts availability and repairs. Power module slices may be combined to achieve displacements from 250cc to 11 liters, and from 5 horsepower to 750 horsepower.

And modularized IDAR-powered 125KW generator units can be aggregated into “plug-and-play” power clusters generating localized power of One Megawatt or more, either in stationary or trailer-portable configurations.

IDAR has less than half the parts count, and can be manufactured at less than half the cost of a piston engine of comparable power output, allowing the world a pathway to hasten the transition to cleaner power through accelerated retirement of existing engine technology.

The IDAR M21 diesel combustion research engine running without any muffler or other sound attenuation has shown itself to be quieter than existing technology engines and significant lower in vibration.

IDAR is in accelerated pre-production development today, working with various Original Equipment Manufacturers toward initial licensing and production over the next few years. Lumenium is fabricating its own parts, as well as assembling and testing IDAR Engines in its Fredericksburg, Virginia engine lab facility.

Even now, Lumenium is working with leaders in the field of 3D metal printing, taking advantage of the latest advances in additive printing technology to ensure that the IDAR Engine will be largely printable by the time of commercial production.

The IDAR engine adapts to a wide range of applications, including generators, automobiles, trucks, off-road construction, forestry and agricultural equipment, as well as watercraft, aircraft and drones.

Supplementing our considerable internal capabilities, Lumenium maintains strong and active working relationships with renowned independent engine design firms and advanced simulation experts, as well as with the combustion engineering division of a celebrated U.S. national laboratory.

Lumenium also has entered into a formal joint development relationship with one of the world’s largest engine OEMs, and is in active discussions with an international automobile manufacturer as well as a Fortune 100 manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, all with a view toward developing entire families of IDAR engines for a wide range of applications.

The Lumenium Team

William R. Anderson
CEO, Board of Managers and Executive Committee
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Yakir M. Lubowsky
Managing Director - Strategy & Legal, Board of Managers and Executive Committee
William Lukaczyk
Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer
Peter B. Schwartz
Board of Managers and Executive Committee
Sudhakar Das
Director of Simulation & Combustion Analysis
Lester L. Turner, Jr.
Technical Advisory Board, Retired President of Kenworth of Tennesee

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